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Friday, 2 February 2018

"Off-White" Diffusion line?

If you guys haven’t heard Off-White recently created a Diffusion line. But isn’t creating a diffusion line ruining the brand it self? Will consumers judge people for wearing something from a “diffusion line”? Will the reputation of the brand fall?

Lets start with what exactly does a diffusion line mean.  A diffusion line is a line which a brand creates so that garments from their brand are more affordable to consumers.

The line is titled “For All” and features t-shirts and hoodies, which are priced between $95 and $170, compared to their main line which has t-shirts and hoodies ranging from $300 and $800.

This price range allows new and potential consumers to have the experience of owning something which is a high-end luxury product at an affordable price point. This enables the brand it self to gain a larger target market in the fashion industry rather than just a niche.

Creating a diffusion line is a marketing strategy that brands use. Off-White creates hype before the line has been announced which cause consumer behavior to feel to have a need to own something from Off-White and cause there is so much hype creating a diffusion line will not damage the brand at all. 

The only thing that the diffusion line will bring is new potential consumers and building a larger target market. The diffusion line also have limited stock meaning having  low inventory so that only a few people in the world will have items from the line. This will obviously lead to some consumer potentially buying these items to resell them for a steeper price.

Off-White approach to creating a diffusion line is a great approach to building a larger target market in the fashion industry where there is such a niche market in street wear. Now we see many influencers, celebrities that don’t normally wear street wear starting to get into the trend. Causing consumers also to get into the trend.

If you haven’t noticed many brand such as Missguided, Pretty little thing, Inthestyle and Boohoo are creating lines based on streetwear which creates a more affordable approach to designer street wear brands. 

Street wear is so diverse with so many affordable brands available you can still be inspired and follow trends without going anywhere near supreme or any other streetwear brands. The market is so big now and is starting to become mainstream as street wear style keeps progressing and having a “stamp” in the industry already. It evolving and consumers can express them selves through streetwear with culture, emotions and just being yourself.

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